Make Acai Bowls at Home

Make Acai Bowls at Home

Hello Everyone,


So here, it is one of my favorite treats, that not only is so delicious but amazing to our body.

Acai is a fruit straight from Brazil, really known to the indigenous, also it  grows in other South America countries.

Of course growing up I did not know all the benefits that açaí has, and that it has more vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants than other berries like blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, all I knew was that it was delicious.

So in Brazil is so common to find açaí bowls everywhere specially at the beautiful Brazilian’s beaches, where you can buy your delicious açaí bowl in a pineapple fruit, coconut fruit or even papaya, and go back to the sand  to watch the waves enjoying a delicious treat, under the tropical sun.

Little I knew that açaí is amazing for the blood, great for the brain and even helps lower cholesterol, and some people swear by, saying  that it helps to loose weight,  all I knew was that it was delicious and refreshing.

Moving to America, it sure was something I missed, because we always had the pulp in our freezer, but thanks to many TV shows like Oprah’s and Dr.Oz Show, we can find açaí pretty much everywhere now days, and in some cases even in powder form, but if I may say so, to have the full experience buy the fruit pulp, it is so much better.

I was so happy to share the way I make at home my açaí bowls, at Your Carolina TV Show.

Jamarcus and I had so much making ours, and watch the video to see what happened right in the middle of our segment, Live TV everyone, is just how it is.

Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to turn some Bossa Nova music on, while eating your açaí bowl so you can have the full experience.

Tchau e Beijos,



Traditional acai bowls straight from Ipanema Beach can be made right inside your own home.


More bowls recipes you find here and here.

I hope you guys enjoy it!

Thank you!


Eliane 😘

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