The Earth Laughs In Flowers

The Earth Laughs in Flowers

Hello Beauties!

Let’s just talk today about flowers, I just love them!!!!

I love how beautiful a flower can be, how it attracts so many beautiful butterflies but specially how it makes my house look so much more put together, when I use them to decorate my interior.

Before I had this very far away fantasy, that “I would be getting flowers from my loved one,” and that perhaps would be the flowers I would display in my house, but one day I finally …”thank God”, got tired of waiting for those gifted flowers, and started buying flowers for my self,  and let me tell you,  my life is so much better now, lol, because yes, for me flowers symbolize beauty and love, they just make me happy, lesson learned, …buy the flowers, take the vacation, by the ring, wear the nice dress, finished the college education, don’t wait for the perfect moment, or the perfect person, you, only you , have the power to make your self  happy. All of this I’m saying is out of love, no bitterness and no hard feeling at all, if it makes me happy and it is a good thing I will go for it, so in this case “FLOWERS”, yes, because it starts with the little things.

It always fascinates me how flowers got created in the first place, and they have a scent, they only live for a few days, logically thinking, they would not need to be so beautiful, but still, a “Creator” wanted Earth to have flowers, and even though they only will live for a short period of time, they were created to be a spectacular beauty, attracting  birds and insects and for us just becoming the most beautiful perfume, print inspiration for fabrics and in some cases becoming the inspiration of  Claude Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, just to name a few genius of art. So Flowers for sure are here to make our life prettier, and perhaps to teach us to appreciate beauty, even if it only lasts for a few days.

” The Earth Laughs In Flowers”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love that quote, and every time I see a beautiful flower in my house, it makes me smiles, it is like I’m bringing the outside inside.

O Hara Roses ( Garden Roses)
O Hara Roses ( Garden Roses)

A little marble tray on the middle of my kitchen Island, the perfect display, for the most scented roses, O Hara Roses, when you walk in the room, you for sure will see their beauty and smell their frangancy, and in my opinion a alternative to another one of my faves pennies, which not always I find and tend to be a little more expensive.

Now if you are looking for flowers that will last for a long time Orchids vases, will be your best friends, their flowers lasts  up to 3 months, you only add 3 ice cubes once a week, or follow the instructions on the vase, sometimes it varies depending on the type of orchids, let them stay in a nice bright room, with some sunlight, and they will be a happy campers.


Last year I got luck and my Orchids Bloom 3 times, usually they bloom once a year, I have about 13 vases, I  think I’m becoming a collector lol, the good thing is that you always have one vase blooming so always a fresh flower in the house.

Hydrangeas are another favorite, I like them so much, that now I” planted” (meaning the gardener lol), so they have a chance to, so let’s try it again,” we planted a few vases on my yard”, and  they are doing so good, can’t wait to pick my very own Hydrangeas.


Hydrangeas and Jo Malone London Candle
Hydrangeas and Jo Malone London Candle
Table Decor
Table Decor

Now for sure the best way to make a beautiful table setting is with fresh flowers, at least that is my favorite way.

Let me now about your favorite flowers, and how do you keep them alive and how do you use them to decorate your house.



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  1. I love everything about this post…you are always so positive and inspiring! I think I’ll go buy myself some flowers today! XO

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