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Charleston City, with out doubt one of my favorites cities to visit, first of all because it is just a few hours driving distance from my house, and them because of everything else I like, I find in there. The Charm is real guys ;), I fell in love with Charleston many years ago when I went to visit for the first time, I think some places has a energy, and when you we are there, that energy comes in you, and your energy stays there too, every time I go there I feel recharged and ready to dream and conquer the world, it sounds silly but it is the truth.

You will find the best restaurants, shopping stores, the old charm and historic look that you can clearly see, by looking at the doll looking like houses. Also we always love to visit the Water Front Park and the Beach at Sullivan’s Island.. Our favorite Hotel to visit is the Belmond Charleston Place.



When we are at Belmond Charleston Place, we almost don’t want to leave the Hotel,  It has the 17th century feeling that I love, but with all the upgrades that we need, the bedrooms are so luxurious and comfortable, and also they just have the best SPA in  The Hotel, if you can appreciate a very good relaxing massage and facial, you will love theirs, and right after your massage go enjoy their Jacuzzi, that is absolutely calming and relaxing, now if you want more action you can enjoy their Gym or the swimming pool on the 4th floor, it is so nice because you can be swimming and overlooking all the amazing stores right in the middle of the Down Town area.

My fave restaurante at the Hotel to dine is the Charleston Grill, they usually have live music and somethings for my luck a Brazilian singer, so I can caught up on my Bossa Nova…lol

For brunch we love The Palmetto Cafe also inside the Hotel, easy and convenient, but let me tell you, they have a great Buffet, which my girls love. I like to order their delicious Eggs Benedict.

Now that is just in the hotel, that also has many stores in it, just to name a few like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Godiva.

Strolling through Charleston.



There are endless possibilities and activities for the whole family, our favorite thing is to get a delicious Belgian Gelato by the  Waterfront Park and while enjoying it walk through the Park, it has the most gorgeous trees, fountains, by the Cooper River.

Last time we went to the South Carolina Aquarium, my daughters absolutely loved, and I could tell that the animals there were being well taking care of, they even have a Sea Turtles Recovery Center, they care for the Turtles that they find injured and after they are good they release them back in the ocean. I like that.

After all of that, you still can enjoy the beach, last time we did not go to the beach, the water was still too cold for my liking, and we did not mind since we had so many stores, and places to explorer.

Well for this post this is it, I will cover other spots in Charleston on another post 🙂

Let me know if you have visit any of those places I mentioned above.




http://Belmond Charleston Place

http://waterfront Park Charleston

http://South Caroline Aquarium


Pink Stilettos


Gray Bag


High Wast Linen Striped Pants and Balck Body



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  1. Yes! I couldn’t agree with you more, Charleston has a charm and an energy like no other place I’ve been. I love your style, ELIane! Those striped pants are amazing! Can’t wait to her about your next trip to the low country…you’ll have to let me know if you go to Upper King Street. The area has been revived and it’s very close to where I got married.

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