Detoxing and Fasting

Hi everyone,

Today I want to share with you two things that I have been practicing for a very long time detoxing and fasting.

My first fasting I was only 7 years old, learned from my mother and only fasted my breakfast, but the lesson was so valid that I kept on practicing towards the years, it is hard to start but I absolutely love the results, it calms my body and connects me with God, it always brings clarity in my mind in moments of confusion. Also it has been proved that is good for the body that we don’t eat  for a while so our body also can rest, about 80% of our energy goes to digestion so we really  need to give a break to our body, it works so hard :), and that is why we get so tired after we eat, lol. I find out that also releases emotions that we storage in our body that can harm our physical body and life in the long run. The benefits are incredible.


Now detoxing I only started practicing 5 years ago, and that also have completely changed my life, my body and my connection to everything.

Besides it really does not feel so hard as fasting, it really feels like I’m loving on my body, because I’m avoiding everything that is not health for me and feeding my body health nutritious, delicious, organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, whole grains and nuts. Once your body get’s used to that kind of nutrition, it really can tell the difference when you eat something that is not so health, for me I can tell because I start getting way more tired and less productive, besides you really glow from inside out, it is crazy but it is true, believe me.

It helps to clean our body from harmful toxins that usually gets storage in our body, and later on can transform in to sickness.

So this week I will be fasting and detoxing for 7 days, I usually make it private and only my family knows, but this time I have decided to make very public LOL, so it can be open for everyone else to be part of it. I also will be incorporating other practices to detox my mind and body, let me know if you want me share.


Much love,


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