Smoothie and Sweather

Hello Beauties!

Did not mean to match my sweater with my smoothie bowl, but that is just what happened há, há há.

This is such a easy nutritious recipie, I just made my favorite smoothie a little trickier consistency an topped with all my favorites topping, but really just using what I had at home.


1/4 of almond milk

a hand full of spinach

1 orange ( with out the peel)

1 apple

1 pear

Chia Seeds

Coconut Flakes

Frozen Rasphberies

Frozen Pomegranates

In a Blender combine the Spinach, orange, apple, pear and almond milk, blend until is deliciously smoothie , pour it into a bowl and top it off with the chia seeds, coconut flakes, frozen raspberries and frozen pomegranates…… find a cozy corner, curls your self up and just enjoy, you and your body will absolutely love.




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